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Kalandra-K Sport Club 

Motorcycle Tours accross Morocco

Phone: 00 34 685 996 998

Enjoy Morocco from North to South with Kalandra-K Sport Club, you haven't seen it all yet!

Kalandra-K Sport Club and Omni Tours Agencies bring you this new website, where you can find endless possibilities to enjoy Morocco, from North to South or from East to West.

You will live through unforgettable adventures, whether it is crossing the Atlas Mountains, riding around the Atlantic Coast, exploring the Imperial Cities or discovering the purest Sahara Desert... while always enjoying Morocco's unique flavours, colours and contrasts.

We will ride accross roads that seem specially laid out for enjoying every kilometer and every turn in them, and we will be delighted with a kind of freedom we're sure you'd never felt before.

This will not be similar to anything you've done before. Morocco will charm you and you'll want to be back... with Kalandra-K Sport Club!

You can ride your own bike or rent one, come in the Support Vehicke, drive your car or rent one... You decide!
  Customized Tours:
You and your group of friends want to live an unforgettable experience? Then we will create a Tour that is 100% designed for you, from start to end.
Choose your vehicle (Bike, 4x4, Minibus, Plane, Car...) and which aspects of Morocco you'd like to discover: Cities, Desert, Zocos, Mountains, Coast... we will create your dream Tour! 
No need to worry about anything: Kalandra-K do it for you!
Kalandra-k isn't and won't act as a Travel Agency for any of our Tours. Omni Tours is always the Travel Agency hired for our Tours.
                              Active Tours:
· Atlantic Coast Tour - 10 days
· Royal Tour - 8 days
· High Atlas Trail Tour - 8 days
· Weekend Break (North) - 5 days
· Weekend Break (Coast) - 5 days
· 2018 Holy Week Tour - From March 23rd to 31st, 2018
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