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Kalandra-K Sport Club: Our Origins

Manuel Hoyos - Fundador de Kalandra-K

It was back in 1997, we were a bunch of friends wanting to live through a new adventure in those days' Morocco: a country with other roads, other conditions, a different atmosphere... Thanks to Navarro Hermanos' support (Official Yamaha Dealer in South Spain), we ventured on this experience for the first time.


After some years, our friend Antonio Bravo (a true Morocco expert) invited us to take part in a 4x4 Car Tour. It was then that we realized the potential this kind of tours could have, organizing a similar trip but for motorcycles. We soon started designing new Tours, carrying out more and more trips accross the country, learning new routes, finding the best roads, hotels, stops... we fell in love with Morocco.

Our name, Kalandra-K, originated in one of these trips. Whenever we stopped for a drink or a snack, one of our mates always said "I have the calandracas (Spanish slang for crotch) boiling from this cheap-ass sit". This would turn into something special for us, and we would end up calling ourselves "calandraca".

So, thanks to the experience we gained after organizing many trips, we decided to oficially found Kalandra-K Sport Club, a motoclub with a professional structure but a familiar atmosphere and the same excitement that we had on our first Tour.

Nowadays, with a 20-year experience on our backs, we're now more than 400 Kalandra-K members all over the world: we've had riders from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Argentina. Our headquarters are located in Malaga (Spain), and the Travel Agency is is Marrakech (Morocco). At present, the Kalandra-K team consists of three enthusiasts:

 - Manuel Hoyos. Original Founder, CEO, Routes Designer and Tour Guide.

  - Paco Jiménez. Community Manager, Translator and Organizer.

  - Leónides Muñoz. Tour Assistant.

This is a very brief extract of our long story, which's been built with unforgettable, fantastic experiences impossible to share in just a few words. The best routes accross Africa, Europe and South America are waiting for us!

Are you up for it?

Logotipo oficial Kalandra-K

Tel: 685 996 998

Logotipo oficial Kalandra-K
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